Welcome to the Djordje London family

Driven by timeless style. Inspired by the little details. And determined to drive change

At every step, we invest in:


We create accessories and timepieces for those who are authentically themselves. The creators. The groundbreakers. We too, are authentically ourselves. We are unswayed by the crowd. Unmoved by popularity. We are creating our own path, and the view is beautiful.


From our sapphire crystal glass, to our Italian high grain leather, to our Swiss movement, to the fact that every single item that leaves our HQ is inspected and tested many times in everything we do, we infuse our commitment to integrity. A quality product isn’t one that is worth 300 times its production costs. It’s one that has had every little detail tweaked until it’s just right.


We are always on a mission to do better for our customers. To take something good, and make it incredible. We are always challenging ourselves to do things better. From how our manufacturing line works, to the designs we create, we are always finessing the Djordje London way.


At the heart of what we do, is people. Our team. Our customers. Our partnership with Bali Children's Project. We believe in the power of connection, and we see everyone who interacts with us as part of our family. Big changes happen when we connect with each other, as humans.

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